Bryan, Angie, Lexie, Hoyt & Sabrie

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Fishing, Swimming & Fathers Day!

As a single guy, Bryan spent a lot of time fishing. However, since getting married and having kids, he hasn't found much time for fishing. Every year when free fishing day comes around I tell him we should go, but things always seem to get in the way. This year we had no plans and headed up to the lake on the hill in Cedar City to do a little fishing with the kids. Lexie was especially excited for her first fishing experience. It was hot and windy, but we still had some fun. I think the pictures kind of tell the story best.
Lexie and Hoyt all ready to catch a fish! 
Bryan showing Lexie how to get the hook ready.
Fishing with Daddy.
Lexie's first fish! He was little & we put him back, but she was happy!
 Sabrie was so cute in her little hat.
 She got hungry and tired, but she eventually fell asleep.
After fishing we went for Sno Shack's to cool down. One of my favorite parts of summer! We also went and got some lunch at Pizza Factory. A perfect family Saturday in June!
 We also finally got a chance to hit the pool now that summer is in full swing. Sabrie and I just watched Bryan and the kids, but it was a nice evening together as a family.
 Bryan and Lexie relaxing in the pool.
 Lexie LOVES playing in the water!
Hoyt & Lexie are best buddies and had so much fun (once Hoyt finally got brave enough to go into the's been a while since we have been swimming so he was nervous).
  And finally, Father's Day! Our kids love their Daddy, and I love my sweet husband and father of my cute kiddos! Here he is with his 3 kids in his new Star Wars "I Am Your Father" t-shirt.
 This is my handsome husband in his new suit I gave him for Father's Day. Lookin' good there hot stuff!
 More pictures with the kids.
We are so grateful for all the things this awesome guy does for our family. He works hard to provide us with the things we need, and puts his family first at all times. We love you!

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