Bryan, Angie, Lexie, Hoyt & Sabrie

Thursday, May 31, 2012

Other May Stuff

Isn't this such a cute little messy-face monster?
 We took Hoyt to his 2 year well-check a few weeks after his birthday. Here are his stats...he's growing pretty evenly it seems:
Height: 35 1/2 inches (71%)
Weight: 30 lbs. (70%)
Head: 19 1/2 inches (70%)
He is growing up fast and so much fun to be around! His favorite letter for some reason is W and he can pick out a W and an O in books and everywhere we go. He tries to be just like his big sister and on several occasions I catch him going through her drawers looking for clothes to wear. Lexie decided to help him get dressed one morning, and this is the outfit they came up with. Silly kids!
 The end of May we headed over to O-town for Mickell's HS Graduation. Lexie and Jen posed for a quick picture before heading up to the ceremony and Lexie tried to sit still the entire time (luckily with such a small class it isn't too long).
Here is our family with the graduate. We are super proud of her and can't wait to have her in Cedar while she goes to SUU!
  Mickell was Valedictorian and did a great job on her speech! The siblings all went in together to buy her a sewing machine, and she was way excited!
 This made me father, like son both getting a much-needed nap!
Luckily by May I hit my 2nd trimester, got rid of a nasty bladder infection, and started feeling much more normal. Finally I felt like I could enjoy life a little bit more and also accomplish a lot more around the house and with the kids. We now look forward to the fun summer months ahead!

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Hoyt turns 2!

Where has the time gone? I can't believe my cute little Hoyt boy is now 2 years old! Because his birthday was on Sunday, we decided to have a party Saturday night with most of the Hoyt clan. We had our traditional pizza dinner, and I decided to make things easy and do basketball cupcakes. They aren't professional by any means, but I think everyone enjoyed them!
 Here is the birthday boy with his birthday candles lit. 
 He thought the black icing was chocolate so he was just trying to lick it off the top. It made for some funny entertainment because he would lick and then just burst into laughter. 
 Love that cute little face! That smile & laugh make me so happy!
 Before dinner, he just kept hopping around on the bouncy dog to show off for everyone. He also had fun playing basketball on his new hoop with Uncle Pete! 
 Hoyt had plenty of help from Lexie and Jen to open up his presents! 
Here he is all decked out in his new hat and glasses playing his new xylephone. That's one cool dude!
 My silly 2-year-old! Best shot of the night!
His actual birthday was pretty low-key. We went to church and had a relaxing day. I tried to get a picture of him with his birthday balloons but the only shot I could get is of him running away. He would only wear the new basketball outfit from Grandpa & Grandma Hoyt.
 I tried everything to get some good pictures of the birthday boy, but he kept running away and hiding. Here he is hiding in Lexie's closet and giggling. He's such a sweet boy!
What can I say about my little Hoyt boy? He is growing up so fast and brings our family great joy every single day. He has his Daddy's easy-going personality, and unless he is tired he is super happy all the time. He is a definite "mamma's boy" and gives the best hugs and snuggles! He constantly says "A HUG!" and wants me to hold him or give him a kiss. Hoyt loves to sing songs; his current favorites are "I Love to See the Temple", "I Am a Child of God", "Jesus Wants Me For a Sunbeam", "Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star", "The Wheels on the Bus", "ABC Song", and of course the songs from "Super Why". He likes to go to "class" a.k.a. nursery as long as he has had a nap before it starts (1:00 church is rough for his schedule right now). He has been able to count to 10 for a while because he plays hide-n-go-seek with Lexie. He loves his big sister (when she isn't beating up on him) and they are starting to play really well together. He loves balls of all kinds, playing with cars, pretending to cook with the play kitchen, and pushing around the stroller and shopping cart. He has been more challenging when it comes to sleeping, but he still takes a 2 hour nap during the day (Lexie was done with those by 2 years old), but he will only nap on the couch not his bed. He is starting to become very independent and wants to do everything by himself including getting dressed, getting his own food, walking by himself in the store etc., and everything else we might try to help him with. He has been slower in certain developmental milestones like walking and talking than Lexie was, but he is far more physical and has to climb on everything and also seems to be far more destructive. But despite everything that comes with being 2 years old, we are grateful to have this little blonde-haired, blue-eyed cutie to enjoy and love!