Bryan, Angie, Lexie, Hoyt & Sabrie

Monday, February 20, 2012

"Valentimes" Day

If you think I accidentally misspelled the title, you are wrong. Lexie has been looking forward to Valentine's Day (or as she calls it "Valentimes" Day) since before Christmas. Why, you ask? Well, her favorite show right now is Clifford the Big Red Dog and they have a Valentine episode that she really loves. Plus, her favorite color is pink so a holiday that has pink decorations gets major points from her. I wasn't really into it this year for some reason, but I still made it fun for the kids even if we didn't do anything big or super romantic as a couple. For FHE the day before V-day we made our traditional heart sugar cookies.

We didn't go all out on decorations, but Lexie had tons of fun helping me make the cookies and frosting them. Here she is with a dog bone I said she's really into Clifford and she pretends to be a dog quite often so she asked me if she could cut out some dog bones with the hearts. I have a huge set of cookie cutters and just happened to have a cute little dog bone so she was in luck!
Some good decorating skills going on there!

Hoyt didn't really want anything to do with decorating...he just wanted to eat the cookie. Who can blame him? SOOOO YUMMY!

I decided to be a little festive for the kids on actual Valentine's Day so I made some heart pancakes for breakfast. I think they turned out pretty good without a mold or anything.
My cute little Valentines!

Because it had finally snowed again, Lexie begged Bryan to let her eat a homemade "Sno Shack". The kids really loved them!

The main thing Lexie wanted was a pink balloon. While Hoyt was napping, Lexie and I went on some errands and stopped at the SUU Bookstore for some ballons and a fudge heart I had them make for Bryan. I let Lexie pick the ballons and she got everyone their favorite colors: Pink for her, Yellow for Hoyt (she insists it is his favorite color), Purple for Mom, and Blue for Dad. I thought it was super cute she thought of getting everyone their favorite.
They were excited to open their Valentine gifts!
I got them each a new book and Disney Pixar movie. They loved them!
For dinner we also wanted to go simple so we made heart pizzas and ate them with strawberries and Sparkling Cider. It was a major hit with their kids since it was some of their favorite foods!
Bryan and I went simple this year and didn't really give gifts. We are trying to save money for things we need like a new car and also pay off our house as quickly as possible so we are trying to be careful what we spend on. We did exchange cards (and Bryan wrote me a nice poem) and gave each other our favorite bag of chocolates. I also got the fudge heart from the Bookstore that said "We Love You Daddy, Lexie & Hoyt" which Bryan enjoyed. He loves chocolate!
The only thing I really wanted was dinner at Olive Garden and since V-day was on a Tuesday we decided to wait and go to St. George Friday night for our family dinner date. Olive Garden was delicious and it is one restaurant our kids will eat everything and really enjoy the food. I know Lexie really had a great "Valentimes" Day and I did too!