Bryan, Angie, Lexie, Hoyt & Sabrie

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

October Happenings

October was a crazy month for us trying to get all of the final preparations made before our baby arrived. This picture was taken at 36 weeks pregnant. I was really hoping to not be pregnant for much longer because I was getting miserable.
 I decided to make some Halloween sugar cookies in the middle of the month for FHE and to take to the ladies I visit teach. Lexie really wanted to help so she put on her apron and started baking.
 Then the cookie decorating began. Hoyt mostly wanted to eat icing.
 Here are some of the finished cookies we all enjoyed!
 We really liked having warm weather in October! It felt more like August, and the kids always begged to go to the park. Hoyt was one cool dude riding his trike with those shades.
Lexie is learning to ride a bike, and I love this picture of her riding in the park. Our neighbors were getting rid of their daughter's old bike, so we gladly took it off their hands. Lexie had been begging to get a bike and you can't beat free!
And now for some random pictures. Lexie was building a huge tower with her blocks and insisted I take a picture. Then Hoyt wanted to be in a picture. I love the little moments where I take time to just play with the kids and get a picture!
The Monday night before Halloween, we carved pumpkins (well, Bryan carved them for us). The kids loved playing in the pumpkin slime.
 I love Hoyt in this picture so I had to share it too.
 Here are the kids with their pumpkins!
 The kids and Daddy with their awesome pumpkins!
 My kids were super excited for Halloween this year! Lexie had her preschool party that morning so we got her dressed and beautiful to be Sleeping Beauty. The second picture Bryan told her to act like she was sleeping and it was way cute. She had so much fun!
Hoyt was an adorable little lion!
 And here are the kids all ready to go out trick-or-treating. I had my 39 week Dr. appointment that morning and he stripped my membranes and told me I could go into labor anytime because I was getting so close. If I didn't go into labor he scheduled me to be induced Friday morning so we decided to go spend time with the kids that afternoon and have my parents pick up the kids that evening to keep for us that weekend while we had the baby. We took the kids out to eat then took them trick or treating. They got way too much candy, but had a fun time! We went to Mickell's apartment so she could see the kids and give them candy, and then we went home and got the kids ready to go. My Dad came over and he and Bryan gave me a blessing then he left with the kids. I'm glad we got to at least have a fun Halloween with the kids before the baby decided to come!
I'm sure more happened in October, but honestly my mind was so preoccupied with having the baby, and all I really have to remember the month by is the pictures we took. There are other things that happened with the pregnancy, but I will write about that in my post about having the baby. I really enjoy fall and October because it really starts to kick off the holiday season starting with Halloween. Every holiday is so much better with kids, and I'm grateful for my cute little munchkins. Life is good!