Bryan, Angie, Lexie, Hoyt & Sabrie

Sunday, March 30, 2008

20 Weeks: 1/2 Way There!

Well, I made it officially to the halfway point in my pregnancy. I've been asked to share more photos of myself so it's not a shock to people, when they see me in person, how huge my belly has gotten. (This one's for you Jay!) I really feel like I'm getting huge and this picture makes me feel even bigger, but you can judge for yourselves.

Sorry we haven't posted for a while. This past week I got really sick and couldn't breathe, so finally on Thursday I called the Dr. and he called in a prescription for me. I either have bronchitis or pneumonia and it has been pretty miserable. I've had to keep working regardless of the illness since month end is approaching again, but I think I'm finally on the mend thanks to the medication and a great blessing from Pete and Bryan. Thanks guys! I go back to the Dr. tomorrow for my normal monthly visit so we'll let you know how that goes.

Bryan was excited because he got to feel some movement when he was pressing on my belly. The baby got really excited and started moving like crazy. I guess she wanted to play with her Daddy. We are excited for her to get bigger so we can play with her even more and feel her little kicks.

We are going to share with your our first baby gift we have received since finding out we are having a baby girl. Thanks so much to our great friends Randy & RaNel! We were so excited to get some girly baby stuff to start off the collection!

Bryan is in the home stretch with school. Only 4 more weeks of classes and then finals and he will be graduating!!! He's still working hard to complete all of his projects. He was excited to have gotten the highest on the last exam in his operating systems class, and I'm very proud of him for that!

On a final note for tonight, I want to congratulate my awesome friend Kirsten and her husband Mark on their new son Britton! He's so adorable and I can't wait to meet and hold him in person! Congrats, we are excited for you!

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Our Baby's First Photo Shoot

We got to see our baby in action for the first time today which was very exciting! Everything looks great and we are happy to have such a cute and healthy baby! We decided to share some photos from the event.

Here is a great side view of our sweetie.

Here is a nice 4-D profile shot.
Can you tell what our baby is from the face alone in this picture?
Yep, it's a GIRL! Isn't she cute!

Sunday, March 9, 2008

She's Got That Fluttery Feeling...

First a quick update from our second visit to the Dr. which was this past Monday. Things seem to be going well with the baby. The heartbeat was at 150 beats per minute and sounds strong. Even though I feel like I'm getting huge and showing a lot more, the Dr. says I'm measuring perfect for where I'm at so that's good. And, I only gained one pound in 2 months so that's also some good news! We set up our ultrasound for March 18, so only about a week to go and hopefully we'll know if it's a boy or a girl. We can't wait!!!! According to Jen, a boy is unacceptable and this baby has to be a girl. She's also very curious about a baby in my belly and tried lifting up my shirt this weekend to get a peek at the baby. As for the rest of my family, all they can talk about is how I'm "showing" now, in other words I'm getting fatter. I asked Timmy if he thought my belly was getting fat. He hesitated and Bryan informed him that when a woman asks that, the answer is always "No!" to which Timmy replied "But sometimes the answer is Yes!" Gotta love kids, they tell it like it is.

Friday another exciting thing happened. I was leaning my stomach up against my desk and started feeling a fluttery feeling, like butterflies. It continued most of the afternoon so I'm pretty sure it was the "quickening" or, the first time I could really feel the baby. I haven't felt it much since, but that was pretty neat. Bryan can't wait until he can feel the baby kicking.

Bryan sitting in our new glider rocker.
This is one of our first baby item purchases.

Also Friday at our monthly employee meeting both Bryan and I had to introduce ourselves to the company. Some people in Bryan's office were confused and told him he didn't need to bring his spouse for introductions, so then we had to explain that we were both new employees. We were standing outside the broadcast room just slightly hugging and we were kind of grossing people out. We didn't even notice we were being affectionate at all, but I guess we are still the sickening sweet couple we have always been.

Friday night we went for a romantic dinner to Milts. We had a gift certificate for a free meal there so we decided to finally go get dinner. We weren't expecting the extraordinary steak dinner we were so blessed to partake of. We are ruined to all other foods for the time being and wish we were more wealthy so we could experience that savory, tender meat again soon. But this will have to wait for another time, and hopefully another free coupon. I dream about that sirloin delicacy. Ok, enough about the food (but it really was quite delicious)!

That's all for this edition. This new time change is going to be killer so we need to get to bed. Have a wonderful week. We love you all!