Bryan, Angie, Lexie, Hoyt & Sabrie

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

More July Fun...

July was a busy month full of activities and hot weather. Here is an overview of some of the activities. We decided to check out the July Jamboree and it seems to be getting more crowded every year and harder to even walk around so it's probably not something we will be doing for a while...especially with kids. But they did enjoy the balloons they got from SUU Athletics.
And Bryan enjoyed seeing some fancy cars...
My awesome friend Kirsten and her 2 kids came to stay with us on their way to CA. I didn't get pictures like I wanted because I had a huge sinus headache and wasn't thinking clearly. Lexie wanted to sleep on the floor with Britton, but we told her she had to sleep in her own bed. These two are so cute and like to play together.
We got a steal on some new shoes and Lexie was trying to jump and show off her sparkle shoes that light up. I should have done a video because they pictures don't do justice to how cute it was.
This day we were shopping and were getting paint at Sherwin Williams for the kids rooms. While waiting for them to get it mixed for us, we decided to grab some lunch at Top Spot. Lexie had hit her breaking point and wouldn't wake up to eat her food. But Hoyt was wide awake and ready to dig in!
For me it's just the little moments with my kids that make life worth while. Sometimes I get my camera out and take a picture like this day when she was using her basket as a hat. Love this girl.

For Pioneer Day we decided to try and not be boring and check out the Cedar parade. Um, for the most part big mistake. This was our favorite float...the Dutch Oven Drum Corps. :)
My kids were just not enthused and it was hot and the parade was slow with huge breaks between things so they lost interest pretty fast.
I also enjoyed the 9th Ward Kazoo Band.
Lexie got her Frisbee then she was ready to go. We left the parade early and went to the store to get popsicles and headed home since Bryan didn't have the day off and had to work.
We also decided to take advantage of Lexie still being 2, so we took the kids to see the new Winnie the Pooh movie at the theater. I'm pretty sure that's the last time we'll be doing that for a while. It's a good thing the movie was just over an hour because Hoyt was done about 10 minutes before the movie got over. Lexie loved it and said "Pooh Bear was HUGE". I thought the movie was sub-par and not near as good as the original. We got a picture of Lexie and her Pooh Bear by the big sign in the lobby.
Lexie, Pooh Bear, Hoyt, and Bryan.
Overall we had a crazy month. We were supposed to go north to a wedding reception for my friend Cindy and do some other fun things, but the kids had fevers for a few days so Bryan went up alone and worked in his office since we had already paid for a hotel. We still love being back in our own house and have had such a fun summer!

14 Months & Running

My little guy is already 14 months old! Around my birthday, he finally started to act like he was going to walk by taking a few steps on his own. About 2 week later, he really took off. These pictures and videos were taken the day he turned 14 months. I forgot to post his stats at his 1 year well check. Because of the move, we didn't get him to the Dr. until a few days before he was 13 months. Here they are:
Weight: 23 lbs 8 oz (54%)
Height: 31 inches (77%)
Head: 18.25 inches (43%)
Such a handsome little dude!

Every time I tried to get a video he struggled. He is just running everywhere now! Because he started walking so late, when he decided he would rather walk than crawl he could walk clear across the house.
Hoyt was being so silly with this pretend mushroom from the play food. He actually plays more with Lexie's kitchen and toys than her.
I just can't believe how fast my baby boy is growing up! He is easy going and not in a hurry to do things. He's been slower at everything than Lexie was, but just moves at his own pace enjoying life and having fun. He brightens my day with his hugs and is such a cuddly guy who likes to smile and laugh. He is a little OCD at certain things like he has to close any door that is open. He will sit and open/close things for hours. He also loves to climb anything and everything. He hasn't shown any interest in talking at all, but he loves to sing and can sing most of the ABC song and parts of many other songs as well.
We love our little Hoyt boy!

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Independence Day Weekend

My family tending for my birthday date worked out perfect because we were already heading over to spend the weekend for the Independence Day celebrations. Saturday we went swimming with the kids and had a great time, but I forgot my camera so I didn't get pictures. Later that day we decided to go to the playground. I knew it was hot that day, but it was in the high 90s and when we got to the park it just seemed way too hot to want to be out very long.
Resting in the shade.
Even with the heat, Lexie had to try out every slide.
And the girls had to swing too...
Sunday we just went to church then had dinner in Kanab with family.

Monday was the 4th. We got up and Bryan made waffles with my new waffle iron, then we all went to the parade. Here is our little family all decked out in our patriotic gear.
Hanging with the family....
This picture shows the entire parade in one shot...pretty short one.
My sister was in charge of the games at the park so she enlisted the help of my entire family to run everything. Luckily my parents had 9 kids and 6 of us, plus Bryan and my Dad went to the park and helped the kids play games until we were out of prizes. Nate was helping with the slip'n slide and Lexie had such a great time!
After we were done at the park we headed to Kanab to have an awesome Dutch oven dinner and watch fireworks with all the extended family. It's a yearly tradition and my aunt and uncle own a house right across from the city park so their lawn has the best view of the fireworks in town.
We went over to the park during the entertainment before the fireworks and Lexie played with Ta'Kara in the splash pad. Lexie wasn't sure about getting wet, but after some encouragement she finally got wet and had a great time. Hoyt wasn't as happy to be strapped into his wagon, but he did great for the most part.
After getting dried off and into a change of clothes, Lexie HAD to go down the slides again and again. If kids weren't going down fast enough she would just get ahead of them and go. I do not understand where she gets her energy from, but she had fun!
After a long, hot day it was finally time for the fireworks. I was worried Hoyt would freak out and hate them because of the noise, but he seemed to do fine. Lexie liked the pretty colors, but as you can see in this picture she was super tired by this time.
I love the fireworks in Kanab, just like in Cedar because of the loud echo from the mountains. You just don't get that everywhere and the show was really great this year. Family, Food, Fun and Fireworks...the perfect 4th of July!!!

Turning the big 30

Turning 30 didn't seem like a big deal. And really, it wasn't. I didn't think too much about it until 1 week before my birthday when we had a surprise 50th Birthday party for my Mom while my military brother and his wife were in town. I didn't get many pictures from that night, but it was a lot of fun and we really did surprise her big time. And it got me thinking about her 30th birthday party. I was 10 years old and remember thinking how old that seemed at the time. So then it hit me--that really doesn't seem that long ago, which means I am going to be 50 before I know it. But my mom has aged well and doesn't look a day over 30, so as long as I have that good fortune, even that won't be a big deal. I thought her cake turned out great!
She really was quite surprised which is really hard to do!
I didn't take any pictures on my actual birthday, but it was a pretty good day. I got my hair cut, which is always nice and relaxing. In the afternoon, my parents were over picking up my sister, so they took our kids home with them so Bryan & I could finally get a much-needed date! We went to St. George and first had dinner at Olive Garden--my favorite! Then we were able to go do sealings at the temple--one of my favorite things to do with my husband! After that we did a little shopping. Bryan bought me an awesome double Belgian Waffle Maker which I have really wanted for long time. He also insisted on buying me this beautiful cake.
We drove to my parent's house that night and the kids were already passed out. So the next day everyone sang to me and we ate cake.
So far, 30 is looking pretty good. I have been so blessed and I'm comfortable where I'm at in life at this point. Happy Birthday to me!

Summertime Fun in June!

I didn't take pictures in June until 1/2 way through the month because the first part of the month was spent still trying to get unpacked and settled. We are still working on that, but trying to also get out and enjoy the summertime! The kids have been so content to be back in our house with more room to play.

One day I walked in and found them both in the toy bucket being silly.
Here is Hoyt at 13 months enjoying his own Gogurt. He really just wants to eat whatever I am eating, so when I make something for myself to eat I have to make sure there is enough for both of us.
Lexie is the queen of crazy sleeping (she gets it from both parents). We had the rocking chair in her room for a while and some nights she would play and read books in the chair until she just passed out.
One of Lexie's favorite things to do is go to the park. She loves to swing and slide, and slide, and did I mention slide? This particular day she was trying going down backwards. She would stay and play all day if we let her. This park is right next to the library, so we've been having fun going and finding books like "Clifford the Big Red Dog" which is also her favorite PBS show right now.
Hoyt likes to ride in the stroller and observe all the kids playing. But I know he really just wants to get out, get dirty and crawl around.
This is the only picture I got on Father's Day. Lexie was so excited to give Bryan his card and chocolate. The first thing she said was "You are going to share your chocolate with me, right Daddy?" Bryan is a great Dad to our kids and I'm grateful for all he does for our family. I didn't get a picture, but we also got Bryan an office chair so he could be more comfortable while working from home.
We have also gone swimming a few times this summer, but I haven't gotten pictures anywhere except the Kanab pool when we went to an extended family FHE. We have also been to the new Acquatic Center in Cedar and we're excited to be able to go year round since it's indoors. I know this might sound funny, but the most fun we had swimming was at the Orderville pool. They don't allow any floating toys in the Cedar pool, so in the small town pool we could use a little boat for Hoyt and he just absolutely loved hanging out in the pool just floating around. Lexie also had a lot of fun.

Here is Hoyt and Bry enjoying the water.
Lexie had fun playing with my cousin's daughter Ta'Kara who also shared her floaty tube. Lexie loves the water, but does NOT like water to get in her face.
She was a little scared, but got brave and went down the pool slide.

We've gone to several parks around town and both kids enjoy just being outside and having fun in the warm weather. It seems like it was a long winter and now we just want to be out having fun!
It's also nice having Bryan's work schedule be so flexible so we can go out and do things during the day if we want, then he will work a few hours in the evenings on those days.
Even though the parks are fun, it will be nice to get our yard done so there will be a place for the kids to run around and play right out the door. We are hoping to get that done while it's still nice.