Bryan, Angie, Lexie, Hoyt & Sabrie

Saturday, March 31, 2012


Honestly, for me March was a complete blur. These are the only pictures I took at the end of February and through March. I was extremely sick in the early stages of pregnancy and since I couldn't tell anyone I just suffered in silence and hoped our little family would survive a rough month or two. Luckily my kids are really good most of the time and enjoy playing together so we managed to survive March.

Hoyt started climbing out of his crib recently, so getting him to sleep has become much more difficult. At first he really wouldn't go down for naps so he would wear himself out until he just crashed and sometimes that would be on the floor. He now usually just comes and sits on the couch and goes to sleep when he is ready to nap then I go move him to his bed. He has also become very attached to his sports blanket or "kee kee" and sometimes we call him Linus because we can't leave home without the blankey.
This is the only picture we took of Lexie all month long, right after she woke up one morning. She is my sweet girl who is full of life and has a great imagination. She tests my imagination skills every night when I put her to bed and have to come up with new stories to tell her usually about princesses, animals, and whatever else she thinks would be good in a story. She is loving primary and enjoys scripture stories and has learned her first 4 articles of faith so far. She can write her name, Hoyt's name, and is learning to write all of her other letters too. She is learning to spell and it won't be long until she will be reading more than just a few words!
 This picture makes me smile. It shows just what an imagination Lexie has. She paired up a bunch of her stuffed animals to get married and here are all the happy couples.
Hoyt is such a silly boy. He loves hats or anything he can pretend is a hat and we were laughing that the basket looked like a horse-feeding bucket around his neck.
Hoyt loves to push around Lexie's shopping cart. This day it was funny because he had a lot of stuff piled into the cart and we were joking that he looked like a homeless kid with all of his belongings stuffed in there (and notice the blanket and cup of milk which are his two essentials in life).
I wish I could remember more details about March, but I really can't remember anything interesting happening. I will try to do better taking pictures and blogging in the coming months when I not sick 24 hours a day!