Bryan, Angie, Lexie, Hoyt & Sabrie

Monday, October 31, 2011

Halloween 2011

Our Halloween festivities started the week before when we decorated sugar cookies for FHE. As you can see, the kids had more fun eating the cookies than decorating, but they were yummy and it was fun.

I forgot to take pictures before the plastic wrap was on for some deliveries, but here is a plate of Halloween cookie goodness!

The next activity was carving pumpkins which we did Saturday evening. We almost didn't get pumpkins because we waited so long to buy them and 2 stores were out of good ones, but thank goodness Lins had plenty!
Bryan carved this pumpkin for the kids and they loved it!

Lexie asked every morning for about 2 weeks if it was Halloween. The day it finally arrived she asked to "Go to Halloween" a.k.a. trick-or-treating. She couldn't wait to put on her costume and go get some candy! I thought for sure Lexie would want to be a princess this year since she is really into that right now. I was looking at a costume store online that was having a big clearance and saw an ice skating costume and she said that's what she wanted to be. So I also found this future Olympic champion costume for Hoyt and thought it would be super cute to have them both be future Olympians. I was actually watching the 2008 summer olympics in the hospital while in labor with Lexie and watched the 2010 winter olympics while about 7 months pregnant with Hoyt so I guess that is just in their blood.
In the afternoon we went to SUU and visited some of my friends and let the kids trick-or-treat there. We then went trick-or-treating to some of our ward, but Hoyt had been sick for a few days and still wasn't 100% so after about 20 minutes we figured he was done. I stayed with Hoyt and handed out candy while making dinner and Bryan took Lexie trick-or-treating around the neighborhood. She LOVED it this year and her pumpkin got full after only going for about 45 minutes total. Once she got home she enjoyed handing out candy to the other kids who came to our house.

Future Michelle Kwan and Michael Phelps?

For dinner I thought about getting a Jack-O-Lantern pizza from Papa Murphy's but it was more than I wanted to pay so we just made our own pumpkin pizzas that were super yummy!
The kids enjoyed their Halloween meal.
Hoyt in his other Halloween outfit.

After carving the kids pumpkin, Bryan carved his huge pumpkin and here they are all lit up. I kept my pumpkin to make dinner-in-a-pumpkin later in the week! Happy Halloween!

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Catching Up: This & That

The past few months I have worked on and off to catch up my blog. My goal has been to be up-to-date so I can get back on schedule and blog every week so I won't forget as many details. Well, this is the last post that gets me there...hooray! It is kind of a random post of a few events I wanted to blog about, but didn't have enough pictures or info for them to each have their own post so here we go.
I am laughing just looking at this picture. This is our cute little "Super Hoyt". The kids found the shades they used in the hospital when he was on the bili lights and they would wear them, but it was a little dangerous having their eyes completely covered because they were running into walls etc. Bryan cut eye holes and this is what resulted. I think it's hilarious and cute.
Lexie always likes to be with me in the kitchen cooking. Here she is helping me make some pizza for dinner.
September 30, my brother Matt returned from his mission to Nebraska! This is my 4th RM brother; there is one more to go, but he still has about 5 years. Luckily for us, Matt flew into Cedar so we all headed over to see him fly in and come off the plane.

I didn't get any pictures of our little family with the missionary, but here are some with my parents and little sister. Lexie had just turned 1 when Matt left and I was about 5 weeks pregnant with Hoyt, so a lot has changed in 2 years!
I did get a picture of Hoyt and Bryan waiting at the airport.

After the airport, we had everyone over to our house for pizza and cake. It was my immediate family and my Mickelson Grandparents. We had a great time eating and visiting. I made him a cake with our high school colors which goes perfectly with the Halloween season. :)

The next day was Saturday General Conference, so we decided to head to my parent's house to visit. We also wanted to see the leaves on the mountain. We didn't know it then, but it was the last time for us to go up the canyon and over the mountain because of a massive landslide that will take many months to fix. And to top off the trip, Lexie got carsick because she was trying to see the pretty leaves. She gets the motion sickness from my family (you should see us at Lagoon all downing dramamine), but usually she closes her eyes and takes a nap so she won't get sick. We didn't have time to stop and take pictures but I did get a few out the window of the car. I love fall!
So far October has been somewhat uneventful. Bryan is still working hard at his job and we appreciate all he does for us. It's so nice to be back in our home, and I feel like the kids are so much happier and have settled into a nice routine. They are finally on an amazing sleep schedule from 8 or 8:30 p.m. to 8:30 or 9:00 a.m. The hard part for me is getting to bed at a decent hour because I get so much accomplished in the evening while they are sleeping. We still need to finish painting, unpacking, and fixing the backyard; but we are healthy, happy and loving life!
On to a few more random pictures. The kids were really into a DVD about shapes and it was so cute we had to take a picture. Also, the other day Bryan bought me yellow roses which was cute. When we were first dating, he bought me yellow roses and told me they meant friendship and it became a joke between us. When he brought them to me the other day I asked if he wanted to be my friend; luckily, he is my best friend!
And now I am caught up!!! I hope I can stick with it and keep the blog current so I can remember all of the small things that go on with our family. I'm sure my slacking off has cause less people to even read my blog, but my main objective is keeping a journal and history of our family. Until next week...