Bryan, Angie, Lexie, Hoyt & Sabrie

Thursday, February 28, 2008

16 Weeks and Showing

Well, as requested here is the first pregnancy picture we have taken. I know they tell you to take weekly pictures to track progress and everything but life has been busy and that just never seemed a priority. And if you think I look tired in this picture...well, I am! I just finished a 13 hour workday with only 2 bathroom breaks and a 10 minute lunch. I've worked 10-13 hour days the past week or two because I'm still learning and we are nearing month end which means the books have to be up-to-date. I've been getting help from my boss, and we are working hard to make sure things are finished. It's a good thing it's leap year so I have an extra day this month to finish!

So, I feel huge and I'm starting to show a lot more even at just 16 weeks (on Sunday). But according to my scale I've only gained 1-2 pounds since my last Dr. visit 6 weeks ago. I go again on Monday and can't wait to set up our date for the ultrasound, which could be anywhere from 2-4 weeks from now! We'll keep you posted...

Last week we had fun with my family coming over a couple of times. Pete got his mission call last Thursday. He will be serving in the Houston, TX South mission and leaves May 28! He's super excited and Bryan was excited to have him serve in Texas since he went on his mission to Dallas. Eric is graduating this weekend from Airforce basic training. He did very well and completed everything with top scores. I know he'll be happy to finish his tech school this summer so he can have Tracie back with him. We are also proud of Matt who played well in his region basketball tournament and made the all-region team. We also had fun having Jen, Timmy and Jodi over to play at our house for a while on Saturday. Family is a wonderful thing!

Well, that's about it for this post...until next time!

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Celebrations of Love

We had good intentions of updating the blog this weekend, but things didn't quite go our way. I had been feeling very sick for over a week and last Thursday I got a call from the Dr. that I had a bladder infection, so they got me on an antibiotic and by Saturday I was beginning to feel better. Sadly, on Sunday I started getting a bad cold which I'm still trying to get over. At least I haven't had bad pregnancy symptoms on top of everything so for that I am grateful. I will officially be in my 2nd trimester as of this weekend and I'm excited for what most people consider the best time in pregnancy. Our baby is continuing to grow and is about the size of a lime (3 inches) and only weighs about an ounce.

This week is supposed to be a celebration of love with Valentine's Day and all. We celebrated our 18 month anniversary on Monday, but we really didn't get to celebrate much since I was sick and Bryan just worked on homework all evening. We don't have any real plans for Valentine's Day either, but hopefully we'll have at least an hour or so to spend together that day. We want our friends and family to know how much we love and appreciate them and we will be thinking of all of you on Thursday since it is a day to think about everyone we love.

People are requesting pictures of my growing belly. I haven't had time to take one yet, but trust me, it is beginning to grow more than I think it should. But the good news is I haven't really gained weight since I saw the Dr. 3 weeks ago (maybe just 1 pound) so that makes me happy. We'll try to get you a picture this weekend when hopefully we will update the blog again.

Saturday, February 2, 2008

Our Thoughts on President Gordon B. Hinckley

On this special and historic day we would like to pay tribute to a man who has touched our lives and millions of other's lives all over the world. We first heard of President Hinckley's passing last Sunday evening as it was first being reported on TV. It's amazing that even though he was 97 and we knew the time would come eventually for him to pass on, he was so full of life that it seemed he was going to be around forever. We were hoping to see him reach 100, but we are happy for him that he now gets to be with his sweet wife Marjorie once again.

In his life he has won the highest civilian award: The Presidential Medal of Freedom, issued by the President of the United States only to to 8 other people in history in the area of religion. He has graduated past this life and received the greatest reward possible: exaltation. He touched every one he knew for good. He often stated how he didn't like being revered, but he also understood that people were in awe of his office, not himself. We do indeed, "thank thee oh god for a prophet," but we loved the man as well as the prophet because he wore the mantle of his office with a smile on his face. His humor was matchless and had he not been so busy being the president of the Church, he could have made quite a living as a stand-up comedian.

We all envy him, for he is one we know will be greeted by the savior on his arrival and we have no doubt that the lord will say, “Well done thou good and faithful servant, now enter into my rest.”

Till we meet again Gordon, you lucky dog you!