Bryan, Angie, Lexie, Hoyt & Sabrie

Thursday, February 28, 2013

February = Sickness & Valentine's Day

Well, my goal of posting every week is already shot just one month into the year. In fact, every goal I set for the New Year failed pretty fast due to all the sickness we've had. But even if I only post once or twice a month, I at least want to stay caught up.

I can't believe our baby girl is now 3 months! I finally got the 3-6 month clothes out and they might last us though 6 weeks or so before I have to get the bigger size because she is growing so fast and getting chubby. I love her chubby cheeks and can't stop kissing them. There are times every day that I just want to sit and hold Sabrie, especially to snuggle her while she is sleeping. She's such a sweet baby girl who is getting more smiley and expressive every day.
I love all the cute expressions she gets on that sweet face.
From Christmas through February we have had at least one person sick in our house and it just kept cycling through sickness after sickness. I finally got to the point where I had a severe sinus infection and had no choice but to see a Dr. to get antibiotics. They started helping, but it has taken a while even after getting off the medication to start feeling somewhat normal again. But because February is the month of love, we did manage to get some window clings up for Valentine's Day decor, despite a month full of sickness.
The kids wanted traditional pink heart pancakes for breakfast.
I got each of the kids a Valentine balloon that they loved. Here they are in the morning getting ready to eat breakfast.
 For Sabrie I just got her a little "My 1st Valentine's Day" outfit. She is my cute little Valentine!
It's hard to choose what pictures to share because I think pretty much every picture of her is adorable!
 Not the best picture attempt, but they are all super cute!
Here are Lexie and Hoyt with their little Valentine gifts. I had a blue bag for Hoyt, but he insisted he had pink like Lexie so I had to switch gift bags at the last minute.
They really liked their gifts. Hoyt got Peter Pan and Lexie got clothes to dress up her Cinderella Barbie.
Bryan and I didn't really want to exchange gifts for Valentine's Day since we were making some other big purchases that week, but Bryan did surprise me by cutting out hearts and writing things he loves about me and decorating our room with them. Super sweet and thoughtful and I love him very much!
And of course I had to get Bryan some chocolate and a card. :)
That night for dinner, we made heart pizzas and enjoyed the evening as a family. I love my husband and children so much and I'm grateful to have them in my life.
 We also made some heart sugar cookies and they were yummy!
 Lexie and Hoyt decorated their cookies with lots of sprinkles!
The next day (Friday evening), Mickell was kind enough to come tend for us so we could go on a date to Rusty's for a nice dinner. Sabrie went with us and slept the entire time like a little angel, so Bryan and I could get some one-on-one time to visit and eat some good food!
 Saturday we decided to go shopping for furniture at the President's Day sales in St. George. I was still in pain with my sinus infection so it wasn't a lot of fun, but we did accomplish what we set out to do and found exactly what we were looking for. I wanted another sectional with 2 recliners and found a really comfortable one at Boulevard that just happened to be on a clearance at almost 50% off--I think everyone knows how much I love finding a good deal so that just made it sweeter! The delivered our furniture the next Thursday and here it is in our house! We also bought a new rug to kind of tie the room decor together.
Our main objective was to buy a new kitchen table so we could fit our entire family. Again, we found exactly what we wanted for a steal, and I think it looks great in our kitchen!
The kids are enjoying the new couch and Lexie got good use out of it the first day because she came down with yet another sickness the day it was delivered.
And that was the month of February...full of sickness and lots of love. Even though I didn't post every week, at least I got a few pictures to document what happened. I just hope spring comes soon and we can all be well and enjoy life a little bit more...