Bryan, Angie, Lexie, Hoyt & Sabrie

Sunday, March 28, 2010

March Updates

March flew by and I really slacked on the blog. I will be 31 weeks pregnant tomorrow, which means only 9 weeks or less until our little guy arrives (I refuse to go past my due date)! This week we had a 30 week ultrasound and everything looks great! He's around 4 lbs and measuring just over a week ahead so everything looks right on schedule. Just like with Lexie, it was hard to get very good shots of him this late because his head is down and against my uterus, and in the 2nd picture in front of his face is the placenta. You can see his left eye is open and the right eye is closed. Also, in one of the other shots we got to see that he has a lot of hair on his head so that was kind of will be fun to see if it is brown or blonde.
Here I am at 30 weeks. I'm feeling great for the most part, except for a bladder infection that refuses to go away. I'm on a new antibiotic and feeling a lot better so I'm hoping to be back to normal very soon. My blood pressure has been great so far this time around and it has been nice to not have huge ankles and excessive weight gain. I also think spring is a much better time to give birth because I don't have to suffer through the heat of summer with a little furnace on my belly.
And what would a post be without pictures of our silly Lexie. The pigtails are a miracle because she refuses to leave anything in her hair. This time it lasted maybe 5 minutes while I snapped a few pictures then she immediately pulled out the elastics. Lexie is now learning colors and her favorite is yellow. She also likes to count, but will not start out saying one. When we say "One" she continues with "two, three, four". She is starting to have a bit of stranger danger (only with adults), but has made it through nursery class without a problem and never cries when we leave her. She is also starting to love her baby dolls and rocks and pats them while singing. I think this is a good sign that she'll be a great big sister and helper to me with her baby brother! When we ask where baby brother is she points to my belly and will kiss it...super cute!