Bryan, Angie, Lexie, Hoyt & Sabrie

Monday, January 28, 2008

Can You Hear the Beat?

Tuesday I began my new adventures in the world of insurance accounting. I was told that I had to be trained faster than anyone has in the past because I am taking over the accounts of a girl who is just 2 weeks away from her due date. As you can imagine, they are anxious to make sure I can handle things while she is out on maternity leave.

Bryan says his life is one of no thrills since all he does is go to work, go to class, go back to work, go back to class, go back to work, go home and do homework, go to bed, get up and start all over again. But once January 31st gets here the good times again begin...yes, we are talking about "our show" LOST which begins it's 4th season Thursday! Let's hope he gets his homework done so Angie lets him watch. hehe

On to the most exciting news of the week. Wednesday was the first Dr. visit and it was a great experience. We love Dr. Sanders and are glad to have him to help guide us through our journey into parenthood. The best part of the visit was listening to the beat...the heartbeat that is. Our baby had a strong heartbeat of 172 beats per minute. Bryan could barely contain his emotions, and we were both relieved to know that a baby actually exists and seems to be doing well.

No pictures this week, but we'll try to get some posted in the near future. Thanks to all who have responded to our exciting news. We appreciate all of your love and support!

Monday, January 21, 2008

More Happy News

A quick update on our week. I've been trying to get a new job for 3 weeks now, and today I was hired at The Leavitt Group, which is where Bryan also works. We will be working at different buildings in town since he is doing programming and I will be doing bookkeeping in the accounting center. I'm excited for a new challenge and look forward to starting my new job tomorrow morning!

Bryan is already in his 3rd week of his last semester. It is a lot of work, but doesn't seem to be as tough for him as fall semester. He just got moved to full-time at work so we could get benefits sooner, so he has to get 30 hours of work a week to keep that status. It isn't always easy, but he is so dedicated and working very hard for his family.

An update on our baby who is now a fetus instead of an embryo, is about 2 inches long, and has completed most of it's major development. We are going to the Dr. later this week so we'll do another update after we go.

This weekend we hosted a birthday party for my little sister Jen who turned 3 on Sunday. Saturday my family came over for some appointments so we had pizza at our house and I made a cake and Jen was really the princess of the day. She giggled when we sang "Happy Birthday" to her and I think it would be nice to always love life like a 3 year old. We really enjoy Jen a lot and she makes us excited to have our own little one. I'm going to post some pictures of her big day.

Friday, January 11, 2008

New Year, Lots of Changes

Well everyone, it's a new year and time for us to get with the times and start a blog. Since we are both technology people, you would think we would have already started something like this, but Bryan is too busy creating websites for his company and...well, ok we probably don't have too good of an excuse.

So, a new year and many changes in our lives. Bryan has started his final semester of college and will graduate in May! He loves his new job and can't wait to start working full time.

Angie is in the middle of many changes including a job change which we will give more details on later, but our biggest change is coming in August. We will have more to celebrate than just our second wedding anniversary. They say a picture is worth 1000 words so we'll let the pictures do the talking for us.

Yes, that is a positive!