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Sunday, June 30, 2013

Blanding Trip for Grandpa Lyman's Memorial

We definitely have been putting some mileage on the van so far this year. June 21-23, we headed to Blanding for a family-fun weekend. Here are some pictures from the long drive. The kids were great on the drive to Blanding, and no one had any issues until about 15 minutes before we arrived....success!
Bryan driving & Hoyt eating chicken nuggets.
Lexie & Sabrie had good naps.
Saturday was a full and busy day of family time. First, we all ate breakfast at Norm & Margie's house, before heading out to Lyman farms for a BBQ lunch and fun on the farm. Between those festivities and the community Memorial Celebration for Grandpa Stanley Lyman, a bunch of us went bowling at the new bowling alley in Blanding.
The kids had fun!
Lexie and Hoyt loved the alligator ball roller.
Checking out the competition...
Lexie, Bethany & Dads having fun!
Hoyt checking out the A&W Bear.
Bryan goes for the strike!
Sabrie & Mommy watching all the bowling action!
Here are some pictures of beautiful Lyman Farms!
It was a great setting to enjoy a family reunion & remember Grandpa Stanley N. Lyman who ran the farms with his brother Clisbee for much of his life. Now Clisbee's son Bruce runs the farm.
 Sabrie had fun riding in the stroller, and having a nap!
Lexie & Hoyt rode on equipment in the barn during lunch.
Then Lexie found some big equipment with her cousins!
Check out that big tire and huge machine!
Lexie had so much fun with her cousin Bethany! They loved exploring the farm together and were inseparable the entire weekend.
They walked hand-in-hand and loved the hay maze!
Aunt Jenny was nice to take the girls around the farm.
 Hoyt's favorite thing to do was help drive the tractor for the hay ride.
 Lexie had fun riding on the hay.
Seriously, Hoyt was in heaven.
And then Bruce was nice enough to let Hoyt drive the small tractor.
Hoyt in complete control...loving it!
Pretty sure he's got the Lyman-love-for-farming genes.
He's got a huge grin on his face. Time of his life!
We took some family pictures.
Stanley & Carol Lyman posterity who made the trip.
Norm & Margie posterity minus Lucy, Patrick, Daniel & Rob
Norm, Margie & all 5 kids: Stan, James, Steven, Bryan & Annie
It was great to see everyone who made the trip, and meet a lot of Bryan's cousins I had never met before. We spend a lot of time visiting, and it was a great tribute to Bryan's Grandpa.
The memorial was casual and low-key, just like Grandpa Stanley would have wanted. Community members came to pay their respects and visit with family while enjoying some yummy ice-cream Sundays. I didn't get any pictures with my camera, but Bryan's cousin took this one of our family at the memorial.
Sunday morning we went to church to listen to Bryan's Dad speak, and a bunch of the Lyman family sang, including Bryan and his siblings. Then we ate a quick lunch and headed on the long journey home. This drive was not as successful, because the kids were worn out and hyper and ready to just get home. But we eventually made it home in one piece, and are glad we were able to make the trip to celebrate the life of a great man!

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