Bryan, Angie, Lexie, Hoyt & Sabrie

Monday, September 26, 2011

Bryan's Birthday!

We were in SLC for Bryan's Birthday this year. We played on Monday for Labor Day, he worked in his office on Tuesday, and Wednesday was his B-day and no one was working in his office that day so he decided to take the day off and make up the time that weekend so we could play some more and enjoy the day as a family. We wanted to take our kids to Temple Square. We had lunch at the Lion House and while walking there I saw one of my idols, Sherri Dew. I smiled and said "Hi" to her and she said it back. I have heard her speak in person before, read her books, and listened to her in conference--she is amazing. After our lunch we decided to go see the sites.
The kids in front of the Christus Statue.
Lexie took this picture of the statue.
Bryan was taking the above picture of me and the kids in front of the temple, then a nice lady took a picture of our family together. We are grateful for temples so we can be together forever!
Lexie loved all the flowers on Temple Square. She was smelling all of them, and ended up picking one to go in her hair.
The kids loved the fountains, but they wouldn't look at the camera.

On our way back to the car, we went and checked out the new Deseret Book across the street. Outside the store, there was another fountain that Lexie wanted to play in.

We did a little necessary shopping and then headed to Provo to meet up with Pete for Bryan's Birthday Dinner.
Here are the kiddos having fun in the car.
For dinner Bryan chose his favorite Los Hermanos. I forgot to get pictures inside with Pete because we were wrestling kids, but I got one of Bryan coming to the car. We had yummy food and it was a great way to end the trip and head home.

Lexie insisted we make Bryan a cake and sing to him, so the next day that's what we did. His favorite is white cake with chocolate frosting and we stuck a candle in there for fun. I didn't have 36 candles in the house. :) We love you Bryan and hope this is a fantastic year for you!

Labor Day: Down on the Farm

For Labor Day we decided to head north so Bryan could work in his office the next day and we could have some fun with the kids. We decided to take the kids to Wheeler Farm to see the animals. I'm sad I didn't even know about the farm when we lived 5 minutes away from it, but we're glad we checked it out this time around. The kids LOVED seeing the animals and playing on the playground. I'm sure this is just the first of many visits.
Hoyt really loved the ducks and geese and kept trying to make sounds like them...super cute!

Lexie had a blast feeding the ducks and geese!

We got to pet some sheep, see cows and many other animals.

And the huge playground was a hit with the kids.

Here are some videos of Lexie feeding the animals and Hoyt trying to sound like them. :)

After the farm I was so excited to go have dinner with my awesome friend Cindy and her new husband Matt. It was great to catch up with her, even with my kids being crazy and tired. We then headed over to say hi to Stan & Kristie's family before heading to our hotel.

The next day, Bryan worked in his office while the kids and I headed to my friend Amy's house for most of the day. Lexie was excited to play with Emily and I was happy to visit with Amy and catch up with her. We picked Bryan up from work, went to dinner at Olive Garden, did some shopping, then went back to our hotel where we went swimming. I didn't get pictures that day, but it was fun!

Well Check Stats

We took the kids in for their well-checks on September 1st. They are growing up so fast, checked out healthy, and are surpassing all the developmental milestones. Here are the stats...
Lexie at 3 years old:
35 lbs. (84%)
3 feet 2 3/4 inches tall (85%)
Silly Lexie likes to dress up, and she loves her baby kitty.
Hoyt at 15 months:
24 lbs 6 oz (44%)
32 3/4 inches (87%)
I really love my sweet, blue-eyed boy!