Bryan, Angie, Lexie, Hoyt & Sabrie

Thursday, May 30, 2013

Trip to Logan

 The first part of Memorial Day weekend, we headed up to Logan for a little Lyman family bonding. We left Friday morning, and because the drive is pretty long, we decided to split it up and stop at the Gateway Children's Museum in SLC. The kids absolutely loved it, and didn't want to leave. This was pretty much the only time I took pictures the entire trip. I just haven't been very good at picture taking since Sabrie was born, because taking care of 3 kids sometimes takes all my energy and I forget to pull out the camera. Oh well, I'm doing my best.
Lexie and Hoyt both loved the ball station, and wanted to play there forever. Here is Lexie with one of the workers, trying to make music by dropping the balls in at the same time.
 Hoyt loved all the little cars and kind of hogged them from the other kids.
 Another favorite for Lexie was the grocery store!
 Hoyt liked riding the horse.
Sabrie had fun watching the kids play, and wanted to join them.
Lexie playing in the water with Dad and Sabrie watching.
 Lexie anchoring the news, and Hoyt doing weather.
Inside the helicopter.
Pilot Hoyt driving the helicopter.
We finally convinced the kids to leave and drove the rest of the way to Logan. When we got there, we checked into our hotel, then got dinner at Burger King. Ok, so I think everywhere should get the cool soda dispenser there that lets you choose on a screen what kind of soda you want, along with flavorings; that is random, but I hadn't seen one of those before and thought it was cool. After dinner we went to James and Jenny's house to let the kids play. Lexie was so excited to play with Bethany and they had a great time together. When it started getting late we headed back to the hotel.
Saturday morning, we got up and had breakfast, then the kids wanted to go swimming. Lexie had a great time, but Hoyt was too scared to get in the water so after a few minutes I took him back to the hotel room with Sabrie to chill until Bryan and Lexie were finished. This was the only other time I got out the camera that weekend.
After swimming, we all got ready and headed to help set up the church for the main event of why we went to Logan in the first place: the baby blessing of our cute little nephew Daniel Thomas Lyman, son of Steve and Lucy and little brother to Patrick. Here is a picture of the little guy when he was born, since I didn't get any more pictures. It was good to see family and visit with everyone at the luncheon after the blessing.
We tried to let the kids take naps, but they were too hyper to sleep; so we went to visit Annie and Rob and Bryan's parents, then all went to dinner at Angie's Restaurant. I thought I should try eating there at least once, and it was actually pretty good. I'm not surprised, with a name like that...haha. Anyway, after dinner we headed back to James and Jenny's for the kids to have some more fun play time. We stayed until it was getting pretty late, and we all wanted to get some sleep (I really didn't sleep at all the night before so I was super tired). Luckily, we were all exhausted and slept a lot better that night.
Sunday morning we got up, had breakfast, and got ready for church. We went to church with James, Jenny and family, then all had a nice lunch at their house. The kids were having lots of fun playing and didn't want to leave, but we knew we had a long drive ahead of us; so we said goodbye to our Lyman family and hit the road. The best part of the drive home was when all 3 kids were asleep for a couple hours so Bryan and I could have some alone time to talk. It was a busy weekend, but it was good to be with family and make some memories together.

Monday, May 13, 2013

Hoyt turns 3!

Hoyt is now a big 3 year old; he is growing up so much!
3 year old stats:
Height: 3 ft 2.25 in (71%)
Weight: 33.5 lbs (69%)
I love my little Hoyt boy, even though he gives me a run for my money every single day. He is such a curious little guy who gets into everything. But he is also such a sweet, tenderhearted guy who loves to cuddle with Mommy. He is also very polite and always says "Please" and "Thank You". In the mornings when he first sees me he says "I missed you in the night, Mommy", and just like his Daddy he is always saying "I love you". Completely melts my heart sometimes. Hoyt loves cars and right now especially loves the movie Cars, so that's what we decided to have for a birthday theme this year. When he plays with his toys, he always uses sound effects, and loves things that have motors. He absolutely loves vacuums, and loves to help and push the real vacuum. He has been looking forward to turning 3 so he can go to preschool, so let's hope the potty training is successful this summer! His best friend is his big sister Lexie, and the two of them play for hours. He misses her when she goes to preschool, and I know it will be even harder when she's at school every day. Hoyt also loves music and singing. His favorite song is usually "Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star", and favorite primary songs are "I Love to See the Temple", and "I Am a Child of God". His favorite shows are "Doc McStuffins" and "Daniel Tiger". Love this smart, adorable little boy.
We decided to have a party for Hoyt at my parent's house Sunday afternoon, the day before his birthday. He was excited!
Here are Lexie & Hoyt ready to party!
 Pizza time...
 Hoyt's "Cars" cake. This year I got smart and just ordered it from a bakery. It was well worth the extra money to not have the stress, and Hoyt absolutely loved the cake!
 Cake time...
 Lighting the candles.
 Singing to the Birthday Boy!
 Present time...and Lexie had to help.
He loved his fire engine!
 For Hoyt's actual birthday, we let him choose what he wanted to do. Of course he chose "Lunch at 'Donalds (McDonalds)" for a Happy Meal.
 The kids had so much fun playing in the McDonalds playplace.
 After lunch, we went to the SUU Bookstore to get balloons. Lexie chose pink, and Sabrie held onto her balloon, even while asleep.
 Because Bryan had crazy work going on, we decided to also go out for dinner at Applebees. We had a great dinner, but Hoyt did not like them singing him Happy Birthday, but liked the ice cream!
 Cute Sabrie at dinner.
 To end a fun birthday, Hoyt asked to go play at the new playground by the library. It's so much fun to turn 3!
After a fun few days, he sacked out pretty quick on the couch! Love you Hoyt, so glad you are Mommy's cute baby boy forever! 

Sunday, May 5, 2013

Nate & Stasha's Wedding

 May 4, 2013: A very memorable day in the Hoyt family. My older brother Nate finally took the plunge and got married! Wahoo!!! We have waited a long time for him to find just the right girl and settle down. It finally happened, and we are so excited to have Stasha join the family! Here is one of their engagement pictures. Love them!
 The wedding was nice, and the couple looked amazing!
 Bride & Groom
Newleyweds :) 
 Nate, Stasha, and her boys Colt & Traeger
 Finally after 5 1/2 years - Mom, Dad & all 9 kids!
 The entire family...right now.
 Our little family with the Bride & Groom
 Our family all dressed up for the wedding.
 Bryan & Sabrie
Hoyt & Lexie
Hoyt taking a little nap during the reception.
 Jen & Sabrie
 Love this picture. Jen sure loves her Sabrie niece!
 We had an amazing luncheon following the ceremony, catered by Houstons. Chicken fried chicken and the works. Yum! We had fun visiting with everyone.
 Me and Sabrie. I look tired: oh wait, I was. :)
Lexie acting shy for the camera. 
Hoyt also looking tired (we don't sleep the best away from home)
 Hoyt & Timmy
I think this picture is super cute.
Some of the family during the reception
Some of the Mickelsons during the reception
  Nate & Stasha cutting the cake 
First Dance
After everything was over and we cleaned up, we all went back to the house. Nate and Stasha came over and opened some gifts and it was the perfect ending to a fun day!