Bryan, Angie, Lexie, Hoyt & Sabrie

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

More Updates: July

I have to go back and post about one thing I missed in June. The week we were in Orderville for HS Graduation, that Friday we left our kids at Grandpa & Grandma's house for the day while Bryan & I headed to St. George. We first headed to the temple where Jill Stucki, my friend and roommate for many years, married Dave Phillips. I am so happy for them, and so grateful for the opportunity to be in the temple to see them be sealed for eternity! I took a picture of the happy couple just out of the temple, then one of me and the beautiful bride! After the wedding, Bryan and I were able to have lunch together, do some shopping, and just enjoy a nice day without the kids. It made me realize how bad we needed a real date!
These next pictures are a little random, but Hoyt and Lexie enjoy getting into my purse and scattering all the contents. Here are some pictures Lexie took when she got her hands on my camera.
I did have my birthday on July 1st, but it wasn't that great this year. In fact, it was a difficult day. We went to church where Lexie had been having some issues with primary so needless to say she refused to go. Hoyt was tired with no nap, so we just took the kids home, had some dinner and that was all.
 This year Independence Day was a little crazy and different. We planned all along to head to Orderville, but there ended up being a huge fire on Cedar Mountain. At the last minute, we decided we still would go. We drove around and through some smoke, but we finally made it to our destination. On the 4th, Bryan took the kids to the parade. Here are Hoyt and Lexie waiting for the parade to start.
Lexie and Jen gathering candy.
And this is pretty much the entire parade in one picture.
 The kids in their flag shirts ready to go to the park.
 The one thing Lexie wanted to do that day was go down the water slide at the park so Bryan was nice and took them.
After the park, they hadn't had enough of water, so they went to the city pool for free swimming while Hoyt stayed with me and we took naps. Because of all the fires, they had to cancel the fireworks in Kanab. Our tradition is to always have dinner with family then watch the fireworks, but this year we had to change plans. We decided our family would just have a BBQ at home, and my Mom was nice and made me a chocolate cake with 7-minute frosting for my birthday. I think all things considered, it turned out to be a successful holiday!
The next day, my parents were heading to Florida for a week with Mickell and Jodi for the national FCCLA convention. We had volunteered to keep Jen for the week so we headed home with 3 kids to have some fun. I have been horrible at taking pictures this summer (I'm going to blame it on the pregnancy) so the only picture I got all week was of the kids at Walmart riding the little carousel. Jen sure did miss Mom & Dad, but we tried to keep her busy by having fun! While she was here we went swimming a couple times at the aquatic center where she really loved the big water slide, we got Sno Shacks a few times, we checked out some fun library books, Bryan started reading Fablehaven to her at night before she went to bed, Lexie and Hoyt loved having her to play with for an entire week, and she was very helpful to me when she played with Lexie so I could take a few naps with Hoyt. I also got to take her to her orthodontist appointment where everyone thought I was her mom (we get that a lot when we are together). She sure was happy when Mom & Dad came to get her, but it ended up being a great week for everyone, especially Jodi and Mickell for getting a GOLD medal at Nationals!
With all the wildfires going on in the state, everyone started fasting and praying for rain. Prayers were answered and boy did the rain start...and hasn't really stopped. The remainder of July was pretty uneventful for our family. Bryan had to work on the 24th and with the rain and everything we just watched the Days of 47 Parade on TV and stayed inside and that was just fine with us. I had my 25 week Dr. appointment on the 25th where we were told things look good and we are right on schedule! The only other picture I got in July was  of this huge rainbow we saw while out shopping. We have been grateful to get the rain we so desperately need!
This summer has really flown by for us, but we've had some good times and look forward to even more fun in the coming months!